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Samish Island (Samish Info)

This email group is intended for emergency or other important announcements that affect most islanders, especially health & safety issues. The group is moderated, and is not intended as a discussion or opinion group. There are three purposes:

  • Share information that is emergent: extreme weather conditions, floods, road conditions, road closures, and other info. Emergent generally means "important for people to know within the next 24-36 hours".

  • Share announcements that affect most community members.

  • Receive the Shore Lines Newsletter at the beginning of the month, with link to the web page for additional updates during the month.

Once you are a member, you may either post messages that meet the criteria above, or reply to the group with additional information you might have about the topic.

This group is considered an announcement group, not a discussion group.

View "How to Sign Up" below. People on the island and the flats around may join the email groups.

Send messages to

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Samish Neighbors

This group is intended as a neighborly discussion group - to request, share, borrow, lend, or discuss island things. Some examples:

  • Save or Share Resources: if you have something you want to give away, "recycle", borrow; if you have guests coming and need a high chair, car seat, life jackets, a couple extra chairs, etc.

  • Share or ask for info about contractors, workers, services, or professionals that others have used and liked.

  • Share Fresh Garden Produce: if you have extra rhubarb or basil to give away or sell, apples/blackberries that need picking, too many onion starts, onions to give away, zucchini coming out of your ears;

  • Ok to advertise something for sale once or twice, but the group is not intended to be an advertising medium for small businesses or individual interests.

  • Save Gas and Share Rides: If you need or would like to give a ride to Burlington or Seattle; you need stamps, or a quart of milk, a prescription, a book dropped off at the library -- try the email list.

  • Discuss items of interest to the island, such as something posted on the Samish Info email group that warrants further discussion.

  • Post lost and found: pets, boats, and other items of value.

  • Let's try to avoid politics or religion as topics. We just want to be neighborly.

View "How to Sign Up" below. Only island residents, property owners, or neighbors along the road leading to the island may join the email groups.

Once you are a member, send messages to from your subscribed email.

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Edgewater Garden Club Email Group (SamishGardens)

All dues-paying Edgewater Garden Club members are already members of this email group. To post messages to this group, send an email from your subscribed email address to All members will receive your post.

  • Announce meetings, field trips, and garden club projects or other items of interest to gardeners on the island.

  • Share information about garden shows, garden tours, gardening events, or possible speakers that may of interest to the group.

  • Announce that you have free produce, cuttings, starts, or other useful things to give away.

  • Ask for gardening advice, tips or hints.

  • Tell about good things: a great tool, garden center, garden catalog, or other things members may be interested in.

If you are a not a member garden club, think about joining us!

Contact if you are a member, but are not receiving group emails.

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Samish Island Acres Community Garden Email Group (SamishIsAcres):

All dues-paying members are eligible for the e-group. The e-group is primarily for task-related groups to communicate about work in the garden: what has been done, tasks that need doing, or sharing information about various garden questions that arise.

Members, Sponsors and Donors are invited to join this group if you'd like to help with hands-on tasks. If you'd just like to support our efforts by providing financial and physical resources, our leader keeps a private list for general information affecting the garden. We might call on you from time to time for various needs we encounter.

To support or join us, please visit the Community Garden Web Page.

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How to sign up:

  1. To join SAMISH INFO: Send an email to with the subject subscribe. Be sure to include something about where you live, or where your property is located on the island.

  2. To join SAMISH NEIGHBORS: Send an email to with the subject subscribe. Be sure to include something about where you live, or where your property is located on the island.

  3. Alternately, you may also send an email to the webmaster or with your request to join a particular list (specify SAMISH INFO or SAMISH NEIGHBORS, or both). Be sure to include something about where you live, or where your property is located.

  4. You may unsubscribe at any time, or re-subscribe as desired. Each message tells you how to unsubscribe.

  5. If you want more control over your group membership, you may create a Yahoo Account by creating a personal profile. This advanced feature allows you to select a different delivery method, join a Samish Island chat group, post a survey, or start your own interest group. (Note: Be sure to avoid junk mail by checking the appropriate box on signup).

  6. Civility is the practice in our online community.


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