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SICC sponsors one listserv called Samish Neighbors, for communicating on the island. There are several other groups on the island who also have e-groups, listed below.

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Samish Neighbors

This group is sponsored by SICC, intended as a neighborly discussion group - to request, share, borrow, lend, or discuss island things. Some examples of ways we communicate:

  • Save or Share Resources: if you have something you want to give away, "recycle", borrow; if you have guests coming and need a high chair, car seat, life jackets, a couple extra chairs, etc.

  • Ask for info about contractors, workers, services, or professionals that others have used and liked.

  • Share Fresh Garden Produce: if you have extra rhubarb or basil to give away or sell, apples/blackberries that need picking, too many onion starts, zucchini coming out of your ears, post it to the group.

  • It is OK to advertise personal items for sale, and for island-based artists and cottage services to post occasional messages. Island businesses may not advertise on the e-group, but they may advertise in the back of the Island Phone/Email directory (the January ShoreLines has an annual dues form and business ad form) or in the ShoreLines Newsletter Ads section (

  • Save Gas and Share Rides: If you need or would like to give a ride to Burlington or Seattle or elsewhere; you need stamps, or a quart of milk, a prescription, a book dropped off at the library -- try the email list. Give it a few days - not everyone checks email every day.

  • Discuss items of interest to the island. Many things warrant further respectful discussion among neighbors. We try to avoid politics, religion or business advertising on the group. We just want to be neighborly!

  • Post lost and found: pets, boats, and other items of value.

  • "Reply" goes to the posting person. "Reply All" goes to the entire group.

  • Civility is always the practice in our online community.

To join SAMISH NEIGHBORS: Send an email our group moderator: with your request to join the group. In the email, please give your full name, your property or rental address on the island, or your relationship to the island. The moderator will activate your invitation on Google Groups.

  • Once on Samish Neighbors, members may post messages from their subscribed email to You may unsubscribe at any time, by following the link at the bottom of each message.

  • Remove these former groups from your contact list: or

  • To identify problems or questions about the e-group, to change email addresses, send a message to .  

  • To unsubscribe, see instructions in the footer of each message, or contact

  • One caveat:  The footer text on each message says, “to view this discussion, click here to read it on the web.”  This does not work for most of you.  To make it work, you give them a cell phone number.  Our emails to the group should not require reading on their web page, just your email.  It is up to you.

Other Island-Related E-Groups:

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SamishGardens - the Edgewater Garden Club Email Group

Edgewater Garden Club will be moving to Google Groups sometime in 2021. Garden Club has been on hold since Covid-19, so we'll begin fresh with a new Google Groups when we have a new membership list and need to communicate. The old Yahoo Groups has been deleted.

All dues-paying Edgewater Garden Club members may join this group.

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Samish Island Acres - The Samish Island Community Garden Email group

All dues-paying members of the Community Garden may join this group. The e-group is primarily for task-related groups to communicate about work in the garden: what has been done, tasks that need doing, or sharing information about various garden questions that arise.

Members, Sponsors and Donors are invited to join this group if you'd like to help with hands-on tasks. If you'd just like to support our efforts by providing financial and physical resources, our leader keeps a private list for general information affecting the garden. We might call on you from time to time for various needs we encounter.

To support or join us, please visit the Community Garden Web Page to become a dues-paying member.

Samish Island Next Door -

This group is not sponsored by SICC, but is available to those who want to receive more county-wide information, classified ads, urgent alerts, sheriff reports, recommendations, governmental notices and other emergent information - primarily in Skagit County. Many islanders are also members of this group and find it useful. We repost some important messages on our Samish Neighbors' group.



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